Thank you for choosing AFT!, the perfect solution to create your own, flexible, automated, managed file transfer tasks.

With AFT! you can:

  • create source-code AFT tasks in SyncJS which is an extended version of JavaScript specifically designed by Syncplify for managed file transfer

  • create visual AFT tasks by simply assembling “building blocks”, to bring the power of AFT to people who are not familiar with computer programming

  • run your AFT tasks in various ways, including:

    • invoking tasks from anywhere via our built-in REST API

    • running tasks from the command-line

    • running tasks by simply double clicking on script files

    • scheduling tasks using the built-in scheduler

    • scheduling tasks using your operating system’s native scheduler/cron

  • log every event in JSON-formatted log files for easy import and analysis in the most widespread log analyzers (ex: LogRhythm, ManageEngine, SumoLogic, Loggly, …)

  • and so so much more…


This manual always refers to the most recent version of AFT!, if you are running an older version, some of the objects and functions documented here may not be available in your version of the software.