Send SMS via Twilio

function SendSMSViaTwilio(
  twilioSid:    string,
  twilioToken:  string,
  senderNum:    string,
  recipientNum: string,
  message:      string
): boolean

This function sends an SMS (text) message to a recipient (cell)phone number via Twilio.

The twilioSid and twilioToken parameters are the SID and AuthToken issued to you by Twilio when you signed up for the service.

The senderNum is one of the Twilio numbers you’ve been assigned; this number will be the phone number of the sender of the SMS. The recipientNum is the phone number to which you are trying to send the SMS. Both of these numbers shall be in the international phone number standard format (example: +15550005555).

The message parameter is a short string (SMS texts may have a limited length that varies based upon technology and carrier, typically 140 or 280 characters). This is the actual message that Twilio will try to deliver to the intended recipient.

This function returns true if the notification was successfully posted to the desired Slack channel, otherwise it returns false.


Twilio’s acceptance of a message does not imply that the message will be successfully delivered to the recipient. You can track the delivery through your Twilio management console.


  SendSMSViaTwilio('********', '*********', '+12345678901', '+15550005555', 'Hello from AFT!');