SendMailViaSMTP function

function SendMailViaSMTP(
  srv:    string, // IP address or hostname of SMTP server
  port:   number, // port the SMTP server is listening on
  user:   string, // username to authenticate to SMTP server
  pass:   string, // password to authenticate to SMTP server
  from:   string, // sender (in RFC-822 format)
  to:     string, // recipient(s) (in RFC-822 format)
  subj:   string, // subject
  body:   string, // body of the email
  attach: string  // full path to a file to be attached
): boolean

The SendMailViaSMTP function sends an email using the designated SMTP server as a relay. All parameters are strings, except for the port parameter which is an integer number between 1 and 65536.


The to parameter may contain multiple recipients, separated by semi-colon (;) as you can see in the example below.


  SendMailViaSMTP('', 587, '', GetSecret('smtp pass'),
    '', ';',
    'NEW BACKUP UPLOADED!', 'A new backup has been uploaded!'), '');